Ways to Evaluate Your SEO Competition

To come up with an effective marketing strategy, you need to consider many factors. There isn’t a single key rule to rock your digital marketing strategy. It’s a continuous process of test and trial where you will try new strategies according to latest trends. And will stick to the ones which help you get more exposure and conversion for your online business. For startups, the market is particularly competitive. You will have to try many things with dedication and consistency. It’s not going to be as simple as picking up your Spectrum Phone and make marketing calls. You will have to be creative with your marketing strategies. You will have to incorporate new technologies. And you have to stay on top of the contemporary marketing trends. Let’s help you with some of the best marketing hacks.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips

Here are some online marketing tips. They are a must-try for every new online entrepreneur:

  1. AI
  2. Big Data
  3. Influencers’ Marketing
  4. SEO
  5. Smart Content
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Videos
  9. Establishing Public Presence
  10. PPC Ads

Let’s elaborate on these.


Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in your marketing ventures is a great idea. Chatbots are effective to boost the sales. They are a unique solution for the startups. In fact, for every brand that aims at engaging the customers should try using chatbots. When you lessen the response time, the prospective customers will feel more valued. You can engage your targeted clientele. You will also increase brand loyalty. The modern customer expects his query to be taken seriously. They expect instant responses. And, chatbots have solved this problem. Plus, humans have limited capabilities. You cannot answer personally to the queries sent from another country at 3 am. That’s where incorporating technology and AI feels like a great amenity.

Big Data

For startups, big data analysis can give a clear understanding of the targeted market. It also enlightens about potential customers. Thanks to the computers! They gather all the relevant data about the customers’ behaviors. They do it through various channels. Marketers get an opportunity to go through it and improve their performance. When you don’t want to allocate all the resources to studying the market, outsourcing will save you.

Influencers’ Marketing

On social networking sites, influencers are becoming a real deal. Whether it’s a person or a brand, take advantage. Collaborate with them and market your brand. For startups, it is a quick way of gaining exposure. People trust influencers and will give due importance to what they have to say about you. Make sure that you pick the right influencer for your targeted audience.


Search engine optimization is pivotal to any online marketing campaign. Put effort into doing proper keyword research. Come up with valuable and unique content using those keywords. Make sure you rank higher on search engines using the right SEO strategies. SEO is the best way to escalate organic traffic. Just keep your content updated.

Smart Content

If you want to establish status in the market, you need to create and update your website’s content regularly. Keep your blog fresh with new content pieces and posts. It is the best way to keep your targeted audience engaged. Incorporate infographics and visuals to make it more engaging. You will be able to increase the inbound traffic. You can also enhance the online performance and presence.

Social Media Marketing

It is one of the most popular strategies of the contemporary age. It has the most economical tools and it helps in establishing an active online presence. Having an attractive and catchy profile on social media forums is the point of focus. Once your audience reaches your profiles, they will end up checking every bit of it. Make sure your content is shareable. Loyal customers will share your content and you will have more traffic.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not as new as social media marketing. But it still cannot be replaced. You can ask your potential customers to subscribe to the email list. This way you can know the leads interested in published posts and content. It’s a good idea to offer a privilege or a discount with subscriptions. Also, try to personalize your emails according to the receiver.


Just like images, videos are becoming essential to internet marketing. People don’t find time to see multiple posts. Because of the hectic and hurried lifestyles. Even if they are really looking for that information. Videos are a quick and convenient form of content. They are engaging and informative. Try incorporating more video tutorials with relevant content. Both, on your website and social media pages.

Establishing Public Presence

Keep a regular check on public forums and groups where your targeted customers can be found. Keep a keen eye on their queries and concerns when they post. Being an expert in your niche, you can drop some valuable information. Tempt these leads intelligently and smartly to your website. So that they can have more information. Maintaining a presence in these groups doesn’t require any cost. You just need to have some time to do it for better brand recognition.


Investing in PPC ads is a great idea to gain exposure. You can rank better on various search engines if you choose to invest in PPC advertising. It will ensure more exposure and more traffic. Big names like Charter Spectrum Internet and the likes have tried PPC advertising. For instant exposure, it’s a great strategy.


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