50th Birthday Party – How to Put Together a Quiet and Memorable Celebration

Turning 50 is an important event in a person’s life. It is at time that should be commemorated and celebrated.   But not everyone wants a big party bash or a lavish celebration. Some people prefer to celebrate in a quieter, more subdued manner.  Here are ideas for celebrating a 50th birthday that will still be very memorable yet are simple and personal.

There are lots of great ideas for big and elaborate 50th birthday celebrations. Those work for the person turning 50 that likes that sort of thing. But what about the for the person that prefers more intimate, quiet affairs? 

The following ideas are intended for a low key 50th Birthday celebration, but still memorable.

Write a letter to the person and then read it to them explaining how much they mean to you, and how much they are appreciated and loved. Include in this letter examples of things they have done and the positive impact that has had on the lives of others.

If you are deciding to stay at home for the 50th birthday, cook that special person their favorite meal. Spare no expense and go all out…make it a meal not to easy to forget. Consider having it catered or made by someone else-so you can enjoy it without any work as well.

A spa for one or for two can be a great if the birthday person like the luxuries of a relaxing, soothing environment. They can go by themselves and put the whole world on hold for a while or it can be shared with another person.

Give a birthday card or cards in a completely spontaneous way. Go to the store and pick out a birthday card or two or three and hand it to the birthday person. You can share with them several personal messages. Some can be funny, some can be serious. After they have read the card. Put it back. It’s the thought that counts. Now go pick up something for a special dinner and make it for them that evening.

Perhaps something a little more elaborate yet quiet and personal would be a weekend-get-away to a bed a breakfast. That can be relaxing, romantic and very memorable.

Along the same line would be a weekend trip to wine tasting country.  There are limo tours that will handle everything and that can be very special and fun for two or four people for a memorable 50th birthday.

Consider a candle light dinner in a special location-not just at home but somewhere or unexpected. Pick a place that is important to the birthday person.

What if you can’t be with someone on their special 50th birthday? Here’s a creative, and simple idea, yet very personal. Tell the person that today for their birthday you are going to be thinking about them all day.  You are going to do things you know they would enjoy. After the day, call them and tell them what you did and how much it made you think of them.

Take a hike, a long hike…be well prepared. Bring along a lunch, plenty of water and enjoy a 50th birthday with someone special and nature in an area they have never been to before.

Pictures…everyone loves pictures….open up a good bottle of wine or better yet champagne and pull out the picture albums and pour through them and relive the memories. That will be a night that will be remembered and you will talk about for a long time to come.