Ideas for 60th Birthday Invites

There are several Ideas that you can use to create 60th birthday party invitations. Remember that along with a good invite, you might suggest gift ideas such as the best gaming headphones that you have always wanted. Here are just a few ideas to consider before creating a 60th birthday party invitation:

• “Spice Up the Invitation” – With all the information that will already be on the invitations such as address and time and place you can add a little note such as “Sexy Sixty”, “Big 6 OH”, or Sweet Sixty.

• If you chose to have a 60s party to celebrate the 60th birthday party, you can format the invitations in a groovy sixty’s layout such as tie dyed or include peace sings and flowers on the invitations.

• You may also include small party favors in the invitation to help get the party started. Including such things as confetti or streamers is a fun way to get your party started using your invitations.

• You could include a funny picture on the invitations, such as the guest of honor being behind bars or other such pictures. These photos are a great way to let guests know the party will be fun.

• Another great idea for a 60th birthday party invitations would be including a picture of the guest of honor when they were born or were a young child. Many of these photos can be fun, especially if the guest of honor’s friends did not know what the birthday boy/girl looked like when they were younger.

• One final 60th birthday party invitation idea is having the words, “Did you say 59.95?” on the front of the car and when the guest opens it, saying “I don’t think so, it’s more like 60!” as well as including the date, time, location, and theme of the 60th birthday party.

With a bit of creativity, you should be able to come up with some fantastic ideas for inviting people to your 60th birthday.