70th Birthday Invitations – Staying Alive

Whoever said that people who are turning 70 does not have the right to party and have fun anymore is completely wrong. People who will be turning 70 has all the right to party all night and have fun with their friends and family. Admittedly, there are some individuals who are already quite slow and fragile during this age, it doesn’t mean that there will be no party held as a tribute to them. 70th birthdays should be celebrated because it will be like a thanksgiving for being able to stay alive and healthy for 70 years.

Pre-party Preparations

Perhaps the most important pre-party preparation is the set of birthday invitations to be distributed to the guests. Without the 70th birthday invitations, it will be a bit difficult to disseminate information about the party. Informing people about the party by mouth usually ends up as a failure because the information can be chopped and distorted as it is transferred by mouth.

Before making invitations, the place where the party will be held, the time and date of the party and the number of guests should already be determined. The family, friends, relatives of the celebrant should be the primary people to be invited. Individuals who are in this age tend to be melancholic and nostalgic that’s why all the important people in their lives must be present to grace their birthday.

The Invitation Proper

Unlike other birthday parties, 70th birthday parties are less robust and noisy. The ambience is most likely to be expected to as quiet, calm and elegant. No hilarious parlor games are to be expected; eating and sincere mingling with the guests are usually the activities in parties. In relation to that, the invitations for celebrations should also match the atmosphere of the party. No need for very extravagant and flashy birthday invitations. The wordings in the invitation are given more importance rather than the design. Invitations can get away with just simple and elegant ink and paper designs.

If you want to add more spice to the invitation, you can go online and look for invitation wording ideas. There are a lot of wording ideas available on the Internet and you may even come across nice invitation designs as you browse through the Internet. You can also try to put memorable or meaningful quotes in the invitation that will suit the celebration.

Early Bird Catches The Worm

It is highly advisable to send the birthday invitations ahead of time especially if there are guests that are living from far places. Although the invitations can be seconded by a phone call, it is still much better if the guest will receive the invitation days or weeks before the said event.