Celebrate the 60th Birthday in Style

Great milestones in life should be honored and what better time than a 60th birthday party? After living sixty full years it is time to celebrate the past years that have met with obstacles, joys and creating life. Parties for a 60th birthday can be as expansive as a wedding reception or a quiet family gathering on a Sunday afternoon.

One way to highlight ones accomplishments is by a video pictorial highlight at the 60th birthday party. With scanners and digital cameras it is easy to create a photographic video or album canvassing the years from birth to last week. Get in touch with the loved ones colleagues and friends to amass the collection. Sometimes you will find that those who have been out of touch for several years have the best photos to share. As you reel through the decades on a video tour of one’s life set the pictures to music of that era. If you are having trouble finding the music, several songs may be available for downloading.

Diamonds are the symbol of the 60th wedding anniversary; why not incorporate this theme into the 60th birthday party. Men and women alike enjoy diamonds, and even if real diamonds cannot be purchased, faux diamonds will suit just fine. A nice broche or earrings will highlight the occasion for ladies, while cufflinks would be suitable for a male.

All in all, there are so many ideas to help capture the beauty of a 60th birthday party. The most important piece to the puzzle is the honor and appreciation you can show a person for the impact they have made over their lifelong journey.