Birthday Gift for Your Pet Rabbit

Celebrating our pet rabbit’s birthday is something that we should not forget. Our pet rabbits are the love of our lives, so how could we forget them when they have loved us unconditionally through good and bad times? They stole our hearts from the very first day, and our love for them continues to grow stronger and greater each moment.

According to a recent survey, more than nine million American will purchase a Valentine’s gift for their pets, but maybe not a Birthday gift! Nevertheless, the statistics shows that our pets are very important! But, why is that so?

Let’s focus on our pet rabbit’s presence in our lives. Our pet rabbits are our companion and friends. They fill our lives by being our natural companions and offer us lots of joy, love, loyalty and affection. And, they bring a bundle of happiness to us. In short, our pet rabbits are great, positive companions in our lives. Yes, our pet rabbits hold a crucial role in our lives and they do it wonderfully!

Thus, it makes logical sense to celebrate our pet rabbit’s birthday! But, how do we do that?

Here are few suggestions for making your pet rabbit’s birthday a momentous and wonderful occasion:

1. A Family Day. For home bound bunnies, a Family Day, lounging around the house, will go a long way. Your pet rabbit doesn’t have demanding needs; it needs your love, affection, attention and care. So, if you devote some time to care for your honey bunny, you will have shined its day!

2. A Bunny Play Date. Your pet rabbit won’t be able to contain its joys when you are devoting your time to it – let it out from the cage and let is run and hop around excitedly! Let it turns and thumps!

3. A Special Birthday Meal Treat. Food is a favorable thing in your rabbit’s mind. Be sure to include his favorite food and some special treats like carrots, cauliflower and turnip. Whole meal bread that has been dried in the oven until hard will help to exercise your rabbit’s teeth!

4. A Birthday’s Gift to commemorate the Special Day. A new lavish toy, paper bags, cardboard rolled from paper towels, dried pinecones or special treat will surely excite your pet rabbit!

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