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Many motivational speakers say that a great way to make something happen is to do it for 30-days straight and see the difference. This way, we’ve put together a few useful kitchen cleaning habits that will help you for sure. So let’s dive in;

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters set the stage for the rest of your kitchen. If they’re cluttered & dirty, everything else looks that way even if you’ve just spent an hour scrubbing & making the kitchen clean. So if you want your kitchen to look & feel clean, make sure the counters look & feel clean too. There is a multi-faceted approach we need to take to this though.

First, make sure there’s no visual clutter on your counter. Next, get rid of the stains and crumbs from the counter. You can do your eye level test. Just get right down to eye level and look straight on at the counter. If you see any crumbs and stains, you can treat the counter with an appropriate cleaner.

Always Be Pruning

When it comes to the fridge, it’s so easy to load it up with things you think you’re going to eat but you never quite do. Case in point, you must be having stuff like leftovers from chipotle from three nights ago that you planned to eat but he for sure you haven’t eaten. If I open the fridge, it’ll still be there. So when you open it up even if it’s just to grab a snack or if it’s to put groceries in there, make sure you’re pulling things out that you know aren’t going to be eaten.

Next place! Under the sink – that’s what you can call the clutter black hole. It’s so simple to shove something in there thinking that you’re going to use it ahead but you never quite do. Or you may even find a cool cleaning tool, but never end up using it. So pull things out you see that you don’t use and get rid of it.


Deep clean one Thing Each Week

It can be overwhelming to set aside a couple of hours to give your kitchen a good thorough clean. So if you find that overwhelming, instead why don’t you incorporate deep cleaning one area of your kitchen a week into your habit or perhaps your weekly routine. If you pick something in your kitchen that can be a little bit overwhelming but not aggregated with other tasks that are heavy duty & time consuming, you’ll find maintaining your kitchen much more straightforward.

You can tackle things like cleaning oven racks, overhead exhaust, fridge, kitchen table, etc. As per the professional maids in Dubai, there are so many areas in your kitchen that can get greasy & grimy. So if you set aside a few minutes give that one area some proper, thorough attention, you’ll find your kitchen look clean on an ongoing basis.


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