Here’re the five mistakes you can make when buying wheels & tires. When it comes to purchasing wheels & tires especially in the car game, it has so many different options like offset sizing, tire size, etc. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s super easy to make mistakes when you’re going through buying your first set of wheels & tires. So let’ dive in;

Going for Cheap

First mistake that people make when buying wheels & tires is that they go cheap on their tires. There’s a big difference between going into buying wheels and tires with a budget and buying the cheapest Dunlop tyres. Not to mention, some people spend all their money buying wheels as and buy the cheapest eBay tires. The reason that you won’t do that is the tires happen to be the only thing that keeps your happy look on the ground especially when you’re driving a vehicle.

Making Assumptions

Most of you assume that the wheels you see in the picture are the wheels that you’re going to get. Keep in mind! Wheels can always be directional or unidirectional. In case you take a look at certain wheels, they have a curvature to them. Some wheels twist a certain way when they’re on the car. Other may not look the same on the left side as they do on the right side.

Usually, the cast wheels are always just going to have four of the same direction. So if you look at both the sides of same car, they’re going to spin in different directions. To avoid that, you can look into getting something that’s either rotary forged or fully forged just. Since it costs more actually to pick those wheels up, they take the extra couple steps to produce more molds so that you can get the correct direction a wheel for your car.

Wrong Tire Size

Keep in mind! 235/50 car tyre isn’t any way going to have the same sidewall as the 275/50 tires. So 50 is the actual ratio of the overall width of the tire that you’re putting on your car. It means that 50% of 235 isn’t the same thing as 50% of the 275. So make sure that when you’re looking into doing fitment for your car, you must use the right measurements to decide. What you need to do to ensure those wheels and tires are going to fit on your vehicle.

Design over Quality

This is the most common mistake that you all make. People look at the design before they look at the quality. This is extremely important if you plan on using your wheels for an intended autocross or racing purpose.

If you’re looking just to get a set of wheels that you can bash up on a drift day or something like that, this doesn’t apply to you. If you’re looking just daily drive, again not super applicable. But if you want to do something with these will be putting them through heat cycles or high-stress environment through HUD driving, make sure you know the quality of the wheel that you are buying.


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