Admit it! New cars are a magnet for dings & dents. Although you try hard to protect your brand new vehicle, a vast majority of dings & dents aren’t exactly your fault. These show up either as a mysterious door ding after you return from shopping or perhaps a hail storm your Weather guy didn’t predict.

The rule is quite simple! You take good care of your car; it’ll surely take care of you. But sometimes, the unexpected happens. Therefore, it’s imperative to prepare for such events and know how to protect your car from door dings & other damages. So let’s dive in;

Be Smart About Parking Lots

You can’t say no to this. Most of scratches & dents occur in parking lots. In most cases, people parking next to you aren’t careful with their vehicle doors, or even when they rub against your vehicle trying to get into or out of their car. Perhaps that’s the reason why experts recommend you to park in an empty part of the lot & walk a few extra steps to get into the building. If that doesn’t suit you anyway, parking in end space can help reduce the risk of scratches by 50%.

Make sure you avoid parking next to cars with baby seats, as parents may swing the doors wide to get their children in or out. Also, don’t create more space by double parking as it’ll only antagonize other people trying to use the lot while increasing the chances or intentionally damaging your vehicle.

Prevent Car Dents Caused by Hail

When we talk about natural occurrences, hail damage is amongst the most common for car dents as you can’t control the weather. For most insurance companies, the hail damage is considered an “act of God” and doesn’t fall under your basic coverage. It’s a comprehensive claim, so filing a single hail damage claim in many cases won’t really affect the premiums. Hail damage isn’t something you can be considered at fault for unless you abuse your coverage & file too many claims a year.

Some of the most common areas where hail damage occurs include the hood, trunk, roof and even windshields. While hail is normally pea/marble sized, it can be as large as a softball. So in many cases, it can cause serious damage to exposed sections of your car. Obviously, nobody can control the weather, but a few steps can help avoid filing a hail damage claim in even the most affected areas.

Use Covered Parking

Using your garage is the best way to protect your car. Not only it’ll keep ice & snow off of your car, but also help you get on the road quicker. Moreover, the garage parking keeps your car out of direct sunlight, which can fade the appearance of leather as well as the other components of your interior.

Cover Your Vehicle

In case you don’t have the garage parking available, investing in a quality vehicle cover is the next best alternative. You’ve got a wide range to scan through from basic $50 to $500 workhorse covers that will claim to stop 10 softballs sized hailstones at the terminal velocity. In case of severe dents, you can take your vehicle for the car dent repair in Dubai.


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