Leggings are well and in style and it is going to stay in this platform as this is no longer reminiscent of 80s spandex and athletic wear. The reason behind it is that the leggings are a very versatile piece of clothing that gives far better coverage than the tights or pantyhose and you can move freely with it. This has led to the evolution of design your own leggings.

The question of what to wear with the printed leggings or indeed how to wear the custom yoga pants still crops up from the time being as it might seem surprising.

It would probably arise from the fact that people face a lot of issues in defining them in the primary place and this is here where the confusion arises.

Are they tights? Are they pants? And what about design your own leggings, while we’re at it?

It can prove to be a problematic task to discern what the fashion rules apply to it while wearing a pair of printed leggings. It sometimes would seem like it only can complicate the things further and this is the fact that they can be worn in a number of ways.

While you are building up an outfit with a pair of leggings so you need to take a look at the some of the several different styles to start off with when you have your basics right and there are few styles that should be kept in mind.

Size is a factor

It can be quite tempting when you simply pick up a pair assuming that one size fits the most as the leggings are often confused with the tights. As the leggings are not as forgiving as that of the tights or pantyhose, they often do not stretch quite well. So, before you buy, you need to look at the size chart at all times.

Avoid confusion between a leggings and tights

They are akin to trousers and are made of lighter material. We have already made the point here that the tights are completely different to the question on how to print on leggings while they both look eerily similar.

Considering the price and quality

They have become a commodity for now as you will find several cheap materials to come up over and over again as the leggings have become quite popular. As you should only do this with a lot of caution it can be a tempting affair to buy some of these lower-priced varieties. This is true comes up at a cost if you are opting for a cheaper item. Always create a distinction between the regular plain black leggings with the ones that are custom printed.

Never Overlook your body type

You should always consider the type of body you have when you are going for purchasing a pair of custom printed leggings. It can well accentuate the legs, hips, and thighs, to draw in the attention or away from few areas of your body with the length of leggings that you choose.

Must-Have Style of Leggings

What about the different styles that are available? We have already discussed the different types and lengths of leggings that are available in the market. There are even a few top picks that every girl should own if you are looking to start adding leggings to your wardrobe:

Leggings with Block Colors

This typically applies to all single colors other than black. You have a number of different color combinations to work with when it comes to matching a pair of leggings to your existing outfits. You can also choose from the different color options present.

Printed Leggings

To any of the ensemble, these all will add color, variety and often bits of textures. For an effortless urban style, you can pair them with an edgy tee shirt or an oversized sweater.

The pattern of the leggings

To any of the casual weekend outfit, you can add a little fun and detailing to it while you opt for those ditzy prints and cute embroidered leggings to add a bit of gothic glam when you opt for those jacquard prints to pair with the darker colors.


Between the skinny jeans and the leggings, these prove to be a cross. To make them a nice item for when you want the look of denim with the comfort of leggings they can be made of denim or printed in a style that looks similar to denim.


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