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6 Common Mistakes In Logo Designing

Logos are an important part of business branding. Its significance can be stated through the advantages it covers for a business. A logo is not just a graphical mark but it is the depiction of a company’s aims and objectives. This is why; businesses focus on creating the best logo design for their company that individualizes the brand in a competitive market.

It is important for a business to take proper consideration of their logo. Because even if the products and service are, good enough, a poor logo can revert many potential customers. Therefore, while designing a logo, it is necessary to care about the process to have a perfect logo design for your company.

Due to its fine consideration, experienced and creative logo designer find difficulties in creating an attractive and engaging logo. Therefore, we are here to save you from the difficulties by highlight the mistakes that you might encounter ion your logo designing process.

  1. Dependence on fashion and trends

Trends are time bounded. It changes frequently and rapidly. This is why; the companies that focus on creating a logo with current trends might get into difficulties when it is outdated. Companies need to understand that a trendy logo might catch audience hugely but it will be restricted for some time.  In the long term, the conventional style and method are durable as it is accepted with a trend and without trend.

Moreover, trends can be utilized in the designing process for taking inspiration but their contribution is limited until there only. Further main elements that a logo should contain has to be related to the successful logos present in the world.

  1. Irrelevancy in the typefaces

Typefaces are the most important element in logo designing. A creative logo designer should have proper knowledge of the real meanings and perspective of using a specific typeface. Designers usually never consider a typeface relevant to the company’s product or service. They add it up with no sense and it creates a blurry image of the brand in the audience mind. This is why; it is advised to take a thorough study of the different and unique typeface that will help you in selecting the best-suited text for your brand.

  1. Selecting an inappropriate color theme

It is one of the most commonly practiced mistakes a designer does. Selection of colors is a critical part as it is the source of creating the personality of a brand. Using random colors in a logo can distract your potential audience. It is because a color creates a perception of a brand that depicts its real objective. This is why; it is advised to the designers to cater to the real meanings of the logo and present that through the right choice of colors. The colors selected need to be considered in a way that it can be easily printed in a vibrant way.

  1. Reducing complexity

A complex design is never a good choice for log design. It is because the more complex you create it; the audience will never understand the meaning or objective behind. This is why; it is necessary to for a designer to keep the design simple so that everyone can understand it easily.

A logo should not contain a lot of colors and irrelevant typefaces merged with numerous icons just to create a complete understanding of the objective. However, a design should be simple an understandable and it should creatively define the objective needed.

  1. Plagiarism

It is the most significant mistake that is made by countless designers out there. However, unfortunately, this mistake is still becoming common day by day. A designer can take reference and inspiration from logos but coping their style is not accepted. The importance of a distinct and unique logo is necessary for every brand. Because most of the people get attracted to the designs that are creative and unique.

Moreover, copying a design is to copy its aim and objective, which has to be its sole representation. While your company having different objectives should have a different style of presentation. In addition, a plagiarized design can cause you and the company in trouble. As a person can take legal action against you for copying their content.


After reading all the common mistakes, you can now care you the designing process by eliminating the mentioned ones. Make sure you critically analyze the elements that need to add in the design and the points that should be added to avoid blunders. Numerous guideline is available online just go through and start your designing process.


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