Are urBeats3 good earphones?

Beats has been there for a long time now and has been known for its bass and loudness in audio products.  After Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack form the iPhones, some thought that this would make the designs thinner and concise, and also noise-cancellation will be enabled without a battery. In the new Beats product, urBeats3, the Lightning Connector is the anchor.

Not only you get bass plus punchy beats in the sound, but these are not as costly as 1MORE Triple-Driver Headphones. With 3.5mm headphone jack, elegant and premium built, flashy design, and excellent bass and punch in the sound quality, these earphones are one heck of the Lightning Connector-based headphones, and you can purchase them using Amazon Coupon Code at affordable prices.

Is this pair of earphones worth buying? Will dropping in so much cash will give you a decent product? Let’s check it out in the urBeats3 review below?

Design and Specifications

Beats by Dre has been working a lot now to bring well-built plus bassy products in the market. Talking about the plan, urBeats3 are premium-ly built and look stylish. These are pretty the same as any other wired earphone with 3.5mm headphone jack but with an elegant touch to it. The tangle-free design makes it more buyable which attracts the customers from the first look. Just like Apple’s beats, the urBeats3 earbuds are magnetic too.

The product has in-line controls remote made of plastic which doesn’t look that bad. It is handy when it comes into play. You can quickly raise or lower down your volume, skip the song and even open your virtual assistant, i.e. Siri or Google Assistant. urBeats3 comes with three different sized ear tips and two pairs of secure-fit wingtips. So, you can find the best fit for your ears among these ear tips.

Wingtips whereas comes with the property to lock the earphones in your ear even when you are running, jogging or doing any hardcore workout session. You can wear them for two hours straightly, but after that, these might start hurting or be itchy to your ears. So, for a long journey, these might give you itchy experience.

A problem which might give you trouble is the cable noise. The same sound is what you will hear in the House of Marley’s earphones. When you pause your music, the cable makes noise when it rubs against your shirt. This is something which will irritate you in more extended usage, and this is the only shortcoming we saw in the nearly perfect design of this product.

But, this isn’t something you will break the deal for especially if you want to wear it for short sessions. If you want something which stays longer in your ear and doesn’t feel itchy, then these are not the best one for you.


Coming to production, urBeats3 is an intriguing and elegant product. Unlike BeatsX, this one has loud and controlled bass. Beats are known for it- check! But, why was it missing in BeatsX? So, coming back to the track, the mids are tad bit set back and are not that clear. So, if you want some bassy outputs and punchy beats, then urBeats3 can be taken into account. But, if you don’t care much about bass and need good mids and lows with clarity, then BeatsX is something you must go for.

Listening to different genres with these earphones is always fun and enjoyable. Thanks to the loud bass- you will enjoy pop, EDM, rock and metal- hands down. Only problem and area of concern is that the drivers of the product don’t have a good stereo separation. The vocals are pretty clear, and sometimes in the highs, they got lost in the music and beats.

Coming around $100, this is a great pair to have when it comes to audio quality. Moreover, various options available in this price and one can avail the using Flipkart Offers at discounted prices.  In this price range, we know that many others can beat this product hands down but still not to forget- it is Beats by Dr. Dre.

Final Verdict

Looking at the price tag, the urBeats3 is a much option if you want a premium build quality, reliable and flashy design with respectable punchy performance. But, not to forget there are many other headphones which exist in the market and come up with excellent sound quality with premium build too. But, the Beats tag is not what you will get on those headphones.

These are elegant, and the punchy bass will make you dance on the floors for sure. These are not the earphones you will love taking to gym and workout sessions. For that, you need something like BeatsX. This pair can only give you a fun experience while you are going to work, i.e. not more than 30 minutes- urBeats3 is best for that.

So, if you are ready to drop in this much cash for a decent headphone product, then urBeats3 won’t disappoint you. But, if you want this much at a lower price, then don’t you worry- you got plenty of options still left in the market.


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