If asked about the two buzzwords in business circles today, they are artificial intelligence and automation. When both are combined together, just imagine about the changes brought in your daily life. In this article, we focus on the changes because of artificial intelligence in home automation.

As per home improvement experts, by 2021, every modern home will nearly 40 percent of home appliances, home security and video gadgets in the home automation or artificial intelligence category.

As a human, you have always welcomed new technological innovations with open arms. And in recent times, you can control the smart electronic devices by apps via mobile phones and artificial intelligence application gadgets. Let us imagine a situation. You have bought multiple smart home appliances. So, for every device, you need to have a new app installed on your mobile. Is it possible, to have an app for every smart appliance? Then the mobile phone will work in half the speed.

But do not worry. You can find gadgets and applications such as Google Home and Amazon Echo by which you can connect to various devices. The technology used is the Internet of Things and your voice. When you give the commands by your voice, these applications understand your message and make the appliances complete the task.

So, Shall We Look At Simple Case Study?

So, you have installed home automation in your home. You have gone with your family members for an event. You are returning to your home. At a distance from home, the home automation system can identify the arrival of your family members. Now, if you have programmed the settings in a perfect manner, then the air conditioning gets shifted from energy saving mode to the preferred temperature. The door gets opened, the application switches on the lights, the curtains get withdrawn to allow the sunlight and many more. Want the best example? The artificial intelligence Alexa will play your favorite song and you will have the favorite coffee prepared and kept ready for you.

Did this situation remind you of a scene in a recent movie? Yes, it is similar to the Iron Man movie, where the artificial intelligence application, JARVIS can manage every task, via the voice commands.

Why Do Many People opt for home automation system?

Think of the advantages, you can get from a home automation system. If you have senior family members with physical limitations, they can just give voice commands and get the job done. You can also add handicapped people on the list. Imagine a handicapped small boy walking 200 meters on his crutches to switch off the light. With home automation, he can just give a command, and the job gets done. Now, you know the reason why technology conglomerates such as Google, Apple, and Amazon are manufacturing voice assistance applications and smart speakers by the dozen.

Is voice the only form by which you can command your connected smart appliances? Just imagine a situation. Your two-year-old angel has clung to you, and the ceiling fan is running fast. The child is fast asleep, but you know the weather is cold because of the fast running of the fan. Now, if you get up, the child will get disturbed and start crying. If you give a command, the child will wake up and start crying. Oops! What do you feel can be done? The best idea is to send a message by text to the relevant appliance. You will get the desired temperature.

Is that all? The role of artificial intelligence in home automation. No, in fact, artificial intelligence is used even in saving energy and home security. How? We will see in the next paragraph.

Saving Energy

A look at the title and did you get reminded of the great scientist, Sir Einstein’s words – energy can neither be created nor destroyed? But, just have a look around yourself, and find the immense natural resources getting destroyed in the name of development and rising population.

Okay? What is the solution? It is a welcome move by many home appliance companies to manufacture models that can save electrical energy. Yes, you also get some home appliances which make use of solar energy to do various tasks.

The same thoughts have also come to the consumers (you). While buying appliances, you always check if they have energy efficiency applications. If you have bought an AI home appliance, then it can minimize the consumption of energy. The same goes with automated lighting sensors, smart plugs as well thermostats.

After reading the topic, did you have a sign of relief? So do you have kids in the home? Do they forget every time to switch off the light? Then no need to worry. The AI-powered LED lights will automatically shut down when you go for a vacation.

Home Security

Now we come to the home security part. Okay, let us take into an example, the social media platforms. You are a regular user of Facebook, aren’t you? In recent times, you get messages while logging to the Facebook.

Image recognition to log to your account? That is correct. Now you have a beard, trimmed it, went and got a different haircut, grew your mustache, and every other weird thing. Now, how does Facebook recognize you are the account user? By using AI applications. The social media platform uses the new technology for identifying your face.

Now let us come to home security. Imagine the changes by artificial intelligence. You have installed a smart home lock in the home and fed every image of your family member. Now the door will open if you stand in front of the camera. The sensor will read your face and the door opens. For a third person, you will have to make the changes.

Imagine the security changes brought about by this artificial intelligence tool. Equipped with motion detectors, security cameras will easily identify a thief and press the alarm. So, there is no need for human security guards.


So do you face any challenges in the implementation of artificial intelligence in your home? Yes, there are. The first problem is the budget. Every smart home appliance is expensive. And you need to have a secure connection to the internet and WiFi programs. Or else a hacker can wade to your home and cause unnecessary disturbances.


And artificial intelligence has also stepped into the start-up industry. Shall we take a case study? You have installed a smart air conditioner in your Bangalore home. Of late it is giving a problem. The warranty has expired and you think of hiring a technician from a company which gives home care services in Bangalore. Now, you visit the website and start chatting with the executive in the chat box. The chat ends with apt responses and a booking for the air conditioner as per your convenience. But do you know, that many of the start-ups in the home care industry has employed chatbots to respond to simple queries by customers?

We have come to the end of this article which deals with artificial intelligence in home automation. If you want to keep updated on recent improvements in home technology, our newsletter is free. Opt for it.


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