The instant messaging apps allow users to communicate with the people across the world using the internet connection. The users can exchange text, stickers, emoticons, photos, videos, voices, links and files of different formats. Also, they can make voice and video calls to individuals and groups. There are many popular and widely used instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, Viber and Skype.

These instant messengers or communication apps were developed for providing efficient and cost less way of getting connected with the world. However, these are also being used for negative purposes such as cyberbullying, online child predation, sexting and scamming. The scoundrels misuse instant messengers to access and trap the target. The younger children are at higher risk of bullying and predation due to the unsupervised use of instant messengers.

Parents of teens and tweens are needed to play an active role to protect their children from the menaces of instant and social messengers. There is a monitoring app that is mainly developed for parents to keep their kids protected from the threats of the digital world. The OgyMogy parental control and monitoring app enable users to supervise the online and offline activities of their children remotely. Read on to know how this app facilitates parents and helps secure kids from the threats of harassment, sexting, and victimization.

OgyMogy – Monitoring App for Instant Messengers Chat

OgyMogy is a cell phone monitoring app that allows parents to keep track of mobile phone activities of their children. Also, it lets you supervise the use of social media apps and instant messengers installed on your kids’ phones. Once you get the android mobile phone of your teen connected with monitoring app, you can monitor and manage it via the online control panel of the mobile tracker app.

After installation, the tracker app syncs mobile phone data and uploads to the online control panel. The data includes messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, audios and stuff relevant to instant messengers and social media apps. The tracking app lets you monitor Facebook messenger, WhatsApp messenger, Line, Viber, Skype, Snapchat and many other social messengers.

Facebook Messenger

Having millions of active users, Facebook is one of the most commonly used instant messengers. It allows users to exchange text messages, photos, videos, audios, links and document files. It also provides for making audio and video calls to individuals and groups. Parents can monitor Facebook messenger and read their kids’ chats via the online control panel of the mobile tracking app. The app automatically syncs Facebook chats, media files and call logs and uploads to the online portal of the spy app.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is another commonly used instant messaging app allowing users to communicate with the people across the world. The app uses your internet connection to let you communicate with your fellows. It will enable using the messenger without providing any personal information except an authentic mobile phone number. It verifies your account only after you provide a valid mobile phone number. The popularity of the instant messenger has attracted bullies and molesters to access the target. With the use of WhatsApp spy app, parents can keep track of their kids’ online chats to ensure harassers or molesters are not targeting them.


The popularity of Snapchat is not behind the scenes. The instant messenger allows users to share filtered photos and auto-deleted messages with their online fellows. The app is promoting sexting due to the self-deleted messaging feature. The teen girls and boys use this app to exchange sexually explicit photos and videos which can be misused and distributed by the scoundrels. Parents can keep kids from sexting by supervising their Snapchat use.

The Snapchat spy app automatically captures Snapchat activities of your kids by getting the mobile phone screen recorded. It starts capturing screenshots as your kid starts using the instant messenger. The screenshots get uploaded to the online control panel from where parents can see them.


The line is another popular instant messaging app which is also the most commonly used messenger in some areas of the world. The application offers messaging, calling and file sharing with individuals and groups. You can supervise the use of instant messenger with the help of the Line spy app. It creates an online backup of incoming and outgoing Line messages, photos, videos, voice calls, and video calls.

Kik Messenger

Kik is one of the least secure instant messaging apps allowing users to communicate with online fellows keeping their identities hidden. The messenger offers texting, calling and media sharing. There is no age restriction or parental controls to manage the messenger use of younger children. The mobile tracking app lets you read Kik chats of your kids without accessing their phones.

The monitoring app for instant messengers chats also allows supervising activities performed on Tinder, Tumblr, Telegram, Hike, Hangout, Vine, Viber, Skype, Zalo and Yahoo messenger.




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