It is common to develop websites for your company and business. In fact, in the modern world, it is essential for businesses to have a website. One of the easiest to use content management tools is WordPress plugins. Because everyone has access to services like fast 100 Mbps these days, it is important that you do not overlook the importance of developing a website. And that too on an easy to use the platform. Because it will not pose many problems for you.

So, if you are planning to develop a website anytime soon, here’s your WordPress guide.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source online website creation tool that is written in the PHP format. It is dubbed as the easiest of all and the most powerful tool for blogging.

Apart from blogging, you can use WordPress for creating a variety of websites for your company or business. You will require a web developer to help you do so. However, if you are a software engineer yourself or have the expertise that is essential to developing a website using WordPress, you do not need to hire a web developer either.

It is suitable for many different types of websites. These include the likes of e-commerce and portfolio websites. If you are skeptical about the reliance on WordPress, then the fact that Fortune 500 companies use this platform should be enough to drive your fears away. To get started, all you need to do is:

  • Download WordPress
  • Sign up for the hosted service

You can even customize it to suit your needs and taste. The possibilities are endless with WordPress. And if you want to make your experience with this platform even better, here are a couple of plugins that you should consider.

Everest Forms

This is a free plugin. That’s good news. And it is one of the top choices for 2019 as well. This plugin works best for the ‘Contact’ page of your website. Which is an essential part of your website? You can ignore this page.

Because where will the visitors or customers contact you if you do not provide them with the details. People would want to contact you for various reasons. Not always will an individual will want to purchase something when he contacts you.

At times he would always want to give some feedback or appreciate you. So the reasons are different for different people. Anyhow, coming back to the point. To create the ‘Contact’ forms, you will need Everest Forms.

It is free as well as an easy to use the plugin. The interface is very user-friendly with the drag and drop option. This allows you to build contacts in a unique and beautiful way while not consuming much of your time. You can select from general or advanced fields to create your form.


Another plugin that you should add to your bucket list is Akismet. This plugin comes with WordPress by default. This comes with every new core WordPress installation. Every plugin has a different purpose to serve.

This one, in particular, is an anti-spam plugin. You would need this if you wish to get rid of any spammy comments on the website. Because such comments can add threat to your website. You do not want that for yourself.

Therefore, this plugin is essential. It will screen all the comments that pose a threat to you and filter them out for you. You will also be provided with a status history for each comment. In this way, you will be aware of the comments that were spammy.


MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plugins that you can have. It allows you to connect your website to Google Analytics smoothly. This is important because by doing so you will know exactly how people view your website.

Or what purposes do they visit it for? The best part about this plugin is that it will update your WordPress dashboard with all the major stats that you need automatically. You do not need to put in extra effort for that. By looking at the data, you can then optimize your website accordingly.

MonsterInsights comes in a free version as well as a premium version that you have to pay for. However, important tools can only be unlocked through the latter.

One thing that is essential for you to know is that the plugins and the content management platforms are not all that matter for your website’s development.

You also need to provide your employees with good Internet service that has an efficient customer service center too. One such example is of HughesNet customer service. Many technical issues occur when you are developing a website. And you cannot afford a service that has downtime issues.


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