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Battle Spirit 2

Hassle-free RPG

  • Battle Soul 2 is an RPG that is assumed to be left as it is with an abandoned RPG.
  • Specifications that you can battle without permission and defeat enemies and level up.
  • A nice specification to go even if the app is dropped.
  • Since the player only needs to change the character’s equipment or challenge the boss battle, there is no limit to the amount of operation.
  • While there are many troublesome games, this is easy.
  • But conversely, it means that the game will not progress unless time is spent. You can also play pubg lite for PC right now free which recently released for low-end devices
  • If you use a diagram that you can get by paying or watching a video ad, you can make several hours pass at once, but you don’t need to use it.
  • Battle Soul 2 is a game that is left undisturbed and carefully left.
  • Playing in the main is another game, Battle Soul 2 seems to have a good play style that starts up moderately as a sub and takes care of it.

One of the features of the equipment collection element

  • The equipment of Battle Soul 2 has a rarity and has special abilities.
  • Naturally, it is stronger than normal equipment and it is difficult to obtain.
  • The chance of dropping an enemy is low, so you have to leave it alone.
  • Even if the probability of acquisition is too high, it will take time to dispose of it, and this balance is premised on neglect.
  • It’s frustrating because it doesn’t drop easily at the initial stage.
  • Not only to improve the level, but also to enjoy the rare equipment, and the strategy of who to equip is one of the features of Battle Soul 2.
  • Although it is basically a monotonous game, it has a slight accent.
  • Unnecessary equipment can be destroyed to obtain items called reinforcement stones, and equipment can be strengthened by consuming it as material.
  • There is no useless equipment.
  • Even if the equipment doesn’t drop easily, it’s frustrating…!

Battle Soul 2 is a stress-free game

  • Battle Soul 2 is not basically a complex game.
  • As elements to think about, there is the best equipment to suit the character and the formation that is effective for boss battles, but there is also a solution by raising the level without thinking difficult.
  • It is a game that is abandoned and does not take time and is not difficult.
  • It’s a type that you can spend a long time and enjoy rather than being enthusiastic in the short term.
  • I thought that it was a good result for this kind of neglected game.
  • Battle Soul 2 can be played without stress than troublesome neglected RPG!

Coin princess

Clicker RPG with a unique finish

  • Let’s express Coin Princess as a clicker stage clear RPG.
  • It was a unique finish with a combination of common elements.
  • In simple terms, tap to earn money, summon heroes, fight against enemies, and aim to clear the stage.
  • Money is necessary to raise the level of the hero Princess and the hero, and it is a promise that strength will inflate as much as you spend money.
  • You need money to increase your money, and you need money to acquire new skills.
  • Money in the world!
  • However, tapping all the time will make you tired.
  • So, using the dungeon, you can make money by leaving it alone, and it was also impressive to switch between playing actively and leaving.
  • You need gems to release the brave level cap.
  • Jewels can be obtained by charging, video ads, and defeating enemies.
  • A gem is also required to enable time-limited auto-tap.
  • It is a promise that you will need to use various useful functions.
  • It is a gem in the world!
  • If you want to get a lot of gems, you will be charged!!
  • Coin Princess strongly felt the atmosphere I wanted to charge.
  • You can play without charge though.

What the tap has brought

  • When I looked at the screenshots before playing Coin Princess, I thought it was a mass production model, but when I started playing the game, I immediately realized that it was unexpected.
  • It was fresh to summon heroes and earn money and strengthen them with taps to repel looming enemies.
  • You can see how the enemy is approaching anyway, and if the hero is exhausted and defeated, it will be disadvantageous.
  • When the hero is gone, the enemy will be rejected by tapping, so it was unusually tense for this kind of game to desperately tap.
  • The tutorial message that was displayed suddenly disappeared by tapping.
  • Do you have an excuse for a sudden message?
  • But I don’t think there is any problem even if I don’t know the details.
  • I can’t confirm it now!
  • The impression may have changed if there is a grace even for 1 second so that it does not disappear immediately with a tap.
  • I thought it would be easier to play if I got my hands on the upgrade.
  • Even so, it is hard to tap all the time.
  • Is it a fundamental drawback of this kind of game?
  • The permanent version of Auto Tap is expensive in terms of billing, and what about spending time by tapping without billing?
  • If you are a clicker-type pubg wallpaper 4k game that is not suitable for being left unattended, you may want to play it with full momentum and uninstall it when it burns out.
  • Time and money are important.
  • The time is money.
  • Through Coin Princess, I was able to reaffirm the importance of time.


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