How to Create Print Flyers and Find Templates For Free

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How to Create, Print Flyers and Find Templates For Free

As we all know, the advertising flyer is still the best tool to promote products, services or events, and a “must” to spread the word and reach the highest number of people. It turns out to be an excellent business strategy because it is not only to get new customers, stimulating their curiosity and increasing attention to them, but also to intercept already acquired customers with a good chance of retaining them.

If you are looking for a program which is free and just as intuitive and straightforward, with DesignCap you have made the center, today we are going to talk about DesignCap, an online program easy to use and excellent for creating graphic images.

I believe it is an excellent existing on the market, which you can find at DesignCap. It will allow you to quickly create your customized flyer, providing you with a series of functions and templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

How to Create Print Flyers and Find Templates For Free

DesignCap is entirely free and allows you to create any kind of multimedia content, starting with templates. This site also allows you to upload an image that you can then modify as you like using the countless features made available.

You just need to connect to the site, click on Upload photos and choose the image to insert in your flyer. It is compatible with all browsers and is very simple to use.  has a sufficiently intuitive interface and, for those who did not understand how to perform some particular step.

Use of this service is straightforward. We start from a predefined template, on which we can insert our image and our texts. Both the image size and the text size can be changed. There are several online tutorials available at this website if you still don’t know how to use it.

You can adapt the model of your choice to your needs. To do this, you can use the many options and items offered by the service, which I will shortly present below:

★ Template:

As I repeatedly mentioned above, DesignCap has provided hundreds of professional templates which you can choose the model example that best suits your needs, for graphics or theme. It is easier to get inspiration from those predefined templates.

★ Photo:

If you think the template of DesignCap has tried to limit your imaginations, thanks to the Uploads function, you can upload your images. So you can insert them directly by adding them to your flyer.

★ Text:

From this item, you can select the various characters, styles, and fonts available and usable for your posters. With a simple drag and drop, you can change its size and position as your pleasure.

★ Clipart:

It allows you to add clipart by typing in searching and finding the images you prefer. You can find almost anything that can be used within your graphics.

★ BKGround:

By clicking on this item, you can choose the background of your image, inserting solid colors, gradient colors or pictures.

Once you have made the various changes and created your own flyer, you can also share your flyer directly on Facebook or Twitter, to let everyone know about the creation you made.
Apparently, at the end of personalization, you can always download your flyer or poster in jpg or png format and print as many copies as you want, still have them available.
If your budget is limited and you want to create a graphic flyer that goes beyond an amateur graphic, I think DesignCap is your best choice.


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