The newlywed couple gets plenty of wedding gifts form friends and family, but what about honeymoon gifts to give each other? That’s right! Honeymoon gifts are a growing trend that we see all over the world, and here’s a few reasons why it’s great to give honeymoon gifts to your newlywed partner! Before you think about It gives you something to remember. Yes it’s true that we’ll have plenty of memos to bring home after the wedding is over, bur a gift from your husband or wife is especially memorable. Bring the jewelry or item on your honeymoon and you’ll always have that special memory.

Listing the Creative Ideas

Here are a list of some of my favorites. I like gifting flavored massage oils and lotions because the scent will always bring you back to the honeymoon days. It’s amazing how a smell brings back memories and imprints itself on our brain. The memory can stay with you forever. When you’re back home and feeling blue on a cold winter winter day, grab the bottle from your memory box and take a whiff – the smell will let you remember the great times during your honeymoon.

This is a fun present to purchase! You and your partner just committed your lives to each other in fantastic memorable ceremony, and now you get the chance to solidify that commitment with a gift to each other. It’s a very special moment in your life when you start “forever after”. I promise that your gift of choice doesn’t have to be expensive, with the heavy buying to the wedding gifts from family and friends. This one is supposed to be sentimental instead. But it must come from the heart. Have a wedding photography of yours with some professional. So, you have memories to cherish afterwards That sounded so cheesy, but it’s true because this gift will be cherished unlike any other!

Here are my 20 favorite gift finds for the bride and groom gift exchange:

20 Gifts for the couple

  1. Things that say “wife” & “husband”, especially coffee mugs
  2. Embroidered “his & hers” housecoat
  3. A birthstone heart shaped necklace
  4. Just married” lingerie, underwear or slippers
  5. Cuff links with a heat and your initials
  6. A scrapbook / time capsule
  7. his & hers wine glasses or beer mugs
  8. A puppy!
  9. A photo album of the courting & engagement period
  10. Delayed love notes – create one per month for the next 1- years and open them annually
  11. A handbag with initials embroidered on the side
  12. Silk bed sheets and pillowcases
  13. Throw pillows with your pet names for each other printed on them
  14. Artwork that says “Mr. & Mrs.” to hang in your living room
  15. A ring with your & your spouse’s birthstones
  16. Personalized slippers with a photo
  17. Bubble bath & flavored lubricants / scented candles
  18. A Forever gold bracelet

Gifts strengthen a relationship

A registry is a great place to get inspiration on which gifts for husbands and wives. It can offer yo additional inspiration of something they really want! Pay attention when you complete your wedding gift registry and note what tour significant other likes and adds to their list. You can always purchase something that was not given, it will be an extra special idea because they thought it wasn’t a gift – but a few days later, there it is! What a wonderful surprise!

You should always go for surprising each other with something new and creative so that they feel valued and loved. The idea of relationship is backed by this notion which is just amazing in itself.

If you are going overseas or traveling internationally on your honeymoon, be aware of customs requirements if you are bringing something expensive. Customs officer will usually want to see a receipt or proof of payment just to show you did  not purchase this item in another country. Especially for Jewelry, be sure to bring the receipt with you when you travel.


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