The Bollywood has already set the bar so high that every girl has dreamt of a wedding nothing less than that. Remember how difficult it was to choose the designs of Indian wedding cards when you have been offered with so much? Choosing the best dresses for all the events is no different. So, if you’re a bride or bride’s friend or even attendee of the Indian wedding, you know how important it is to choose the perfect look for all the wedding events.

Here are some suggested looks for all ceremony functions:

Haldi Ceremony:

Haldi is the first ceremony amongst the wedding functions. Still, it is preferred to check the schedules from wedding cards. For Haldi, you can choose a yellow color gown that complements well with the theme of the ceremony. You can choose a simple gown and even a printed one. If you choosing a simple gown are printed one, you can go for heavy accessories as they go with the dress so well. You can even choose the ethnic salwar kameez paired with heavy Jhumkaas and bangles. Enjoy the ceremony well and if get a chance get some Haldi for you too as it has medicinal properties and works wonders for the skin.

Mehendi ceremony:

The second function in the list is the mehendi ceremony. It is the ceremony where the bride needs to apply the mehendi or henna on her hand as well as legs. Moreover, all the family members and the female attendees also apply the mehendi on their hands too. It is considered very auspicious as well as it looks very good. Try to wear something light and if possible try to make something sleeveless for this function or something with the short sleeves. You can choose something ethnic or something modern or even a blend of both.

The most preferred choice for Mehendi is the long skirt paired with a crop top and heavy earrings with side buns or long braids. Try to keep your hair tied for this function as you don’t want your hair to get on your face while your hand is all covered in mehendi. Usually, the color or the dress code is mentioned in Indian wedding cards but if it’s not, you can wear something in green as it is the color of the ceremony.

Sangeet ceremony

Sangeet is the most happening functions of the Indian wedding. All the dances, all the fun that you are going to have here can surpass everything else. Get all set to see some really groovy moves which end with the perfect couple dance of the bride and groom on the most romantic song. Well, the function is all about dancing…dancing and more dancing. So it is suggested to wear something which is ethnic but light in weight. You can choose something that you are very comfortable dancing with and same goes for the hairstyle too. The best option to wear is long skirt paired with a short kurti. You can even choose the same color plain salwar kameez paired with heavy dupatta.


The d-day is finally here. The wedding ceremony is going to be organized at the very extravagant level so you have to pace up your outfit accordingly. You can do something heavy like a Lehenga or a Saree. These ethnic wears look absolutely stunning. But remember if you are going with heavy designed apparel, keep your jewelry minimal and vice versa. You can choose any form of hairstyle or just let your hair be all free.

The wedding cards will help you to understand the theme of the wedding so it’s better to choose a dress according to that. Also, most the time Indian wedding cards constitute of a particular dress code, so you should dress according. If not, you have got all your options, just wear that smile and blow everyone’s mind.


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