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Why Handmade Gifts Value more than Readymade Gifts?

You probably wonder about the thing that makes handmade gifts cherished more than those fancy expensive readymade gifts. What makes them value more than the perfectly crafted readymade gifts?

Well, starting with something so obvious that they are crafted by hands and not just one of the million products of the machine makes them special and more valuable. Want to know more about why handmade gifts value more than readymade gifts, well here it goes:

  • One of a kind

    Imagine being the recipient of the gift that is one of a kind in itself. Don’t you think, just the thought of it, and you already ascended its value by so many folds. Handmade gifts are like that. Every handmade gift is one of a kind as no two creations made by human hand will ever be same as another. This means every piece of every element of it is different in its own ways. Even if it’s something elementary like simple patterns, that can be drawn of scented candles or on coffee mugs to give them the flair of handmade, they turn out to be different every time.

handmade gifts value

Some of the people even make scented candles on their own with choosing the flowers on their own and getting its scent in the candles for their loved ones. Some choose to do something with needles and knit a masterpiece of its own kind. Every effort is done mechanically and not just being relied on machines. It has to be valued more.


  • Have more “personal” flair

    If you have a “picky” person in your group, then handmade gifts are just what they adore. Why? Well, they are more substantial and have the lures of being personal. Instead of going main-stream, you can tweak the gift as per their picks. For instance, instead of going with holiday colors red and green, you can go with their favorite black color which is no closer to Holiday-ey. Instead of going with rose scents for everyone, you can go for lavender for them while making scented candles. One of the biggest reasons that handmade gifts value more is simply because they carry the “personal” charms in them. You can tweak them completely as per the taste of the recipient.


  • Not just crafted by hands but by love as well

    It has been said from the archaic times that it’s the intentions that matter more than expressions. The simple intention of being someone so in love that they chose to create something on their own or chose to buy something that is created by someone’s hand and not a product of machine is priceless. The handmade gift is the perfect depiction of “being unique and special”. It gives the idea that the giver had put so much thought and efforts to get the perfectly picked item for you as per your taste. When someone chose the handmade gift, they want to say that the recipient values more and that they are worth the time and the effort put in while composing one.

So, if you have got someone so special in your life, you know what to get them for this new year.



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