Hair Toner

Hair toner is very common these days and runs as a trend, you have seen many people apply tones on their hair but some looks awesome and some are worse than you change your mind of never use toner. It is the thinking of choice that the user has to make in order to get a perfect hair color. It depends on the skin color, eye color and the hair color which allow you to choose wisely.

There are many tones brand available in the market such as Wella toner which is not responsible for bad look after toner but users need to understand the difference and knowledge of how and which color tone will match as per your personality.  So we discuss some tips and guidelines will help you with the right choice of hair toner.

First, you need to verify the best hair color for your skin tones which will provide you the idea of perfect hair tones.

I Want Blonde Hair Color:

  • If you have the medium skin tones then you can apply Golden hue, Beige blonde, light blonde this will give you the perfect look.
  • If you have the dark skin tones then you get two options for shades your hair with Golden highlights and Caramel. Never apply platinum, white and orange which will never look natural.

I Want Brown Hair Color:

  • If you have the lighter skin tones then you need to choose within 2 levels in order to apply medium brown, warm red, light strawberry.
  • If you have the medium skin tones then apply medium brown, light caramel shade, dark caramel shade, auburn shades. Avoid Blondish and blackish.
  • If you have the dark skin tones such as olive skin tone then you can go for dark colors that give natural looks. Dark red highlights,
  • If you have the Pink skin tones then apply amber shade.

I Want Black Hair Color:

  • If you have the light skin tones then you can apply a dark brown shade that looks natural
  • If you have medium skin tones then apply dark brown shade (almost black) and avoid reddish black.
  • If you have dark skin tones then apply Blood brown, blue-black or super dark hair color.

I Want Red Hair Color:

  • If you have the light skin tones then go for light strawberry blond, light golden, light red and light copper. Avoid of being pale with shades like wine red color and burgundy.
  • If you have the medium skin tones which are more pigments then apply auburn shade (medium) or coppery blonde (medium).
  • If you have dark skin tones then apply chestnut brown shade or medium auburn to get a gorgeous look and avoid super red color.

I Want Grey Hair Color:

  • If you have a light skin tone then apply pure grey-white tone or creamy pale yellow shade is the best choice for you.
  • If you have a medium skin tone then apply steely grey color and creamy white shade which make you more beautiful. If you have less grey and darker then go for bright silver tones.
  • If you have dark skin tones then apply dark lowlights plus brighter white pieces

Now you get the accurate knowledge of which hair toner is perfect for your hair now check out the method to apply hair tone to your hair.

In this method, we will discuss applying hair tone to your hair with perfect balance and accurate colour shade.

Step#1. Hold the hair which in which you want to apply toner such as roots or down highlights.

Step#2. If you have blonde hair then try the ammonia-based toner which change the pigments of hair and also apply on bleached hair but toner applies time duration must be 7 days after bleach which will save you from damage hair.

Step#3. Read the instruction of toner you purchase and then apply the ration as per instructed.

Step#4. When bleaching completed use purple shampoo before start the toner process.

Step#5. Now apply the purple dye in order to rid of brassy or yellow tones. (Quantity of few drops with white conditioner)

Step#6. Wait for 25 minutes maximum and then wash

Step#7. If you are the regular user then apply toner on hair otherwise go to a saloon

Step#8. Now wash with touch water, don’t try a lot wash it will fade away.

With the best method of how to get perfect hair tone with the selected shade, you will get the beautiful look. If you are the first user for hair tones then go to saloon otherwise do it at home. Any question related to this topic can be asked in the comment section.


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