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Myths vs. Realities about Logo Designing

Logo designing is measured to be one of the easiest jobs, but the reality is very different from this myth as designing a logo is a work of great responsibility. All the professional logo designer Dubai put their efforts into developing the perfect logo design for various brands to make it outstanding among the competitor brands. It is funny to believe that there countless myths that revolve around about the logo designing work, and it would be more shocking to think that not only individuals came up with these mythologies, but also many companies and professionals participated collectively to come up with some of these hilarious mythologies. The reality or truth behind these false theories is only known by very few people who have the curiosity to gain knowledge about where these concepts originated from.

Myths about Logo Designing & Realities behind Them

As there are unlimited myths about the logo designing, and people believe them without verification. The realities behind such follies should also be highlighted to enlighten everyone about the truth of logo designing world.

Five funniest myths and their truths are mentioned below for providing awareness about logo designing to people who trusted the false theories up till yet.

Myth #1: A Logo Design Is All for a Brand

Many people and even big companies have this thought in their minds that only having a proper logo design for the company will eventually lead a huge crowd of customers towards their brand and they will eventually feel tempted to purchase the product or consuming the service that the company offers.


The reality to this myth is far from what is said and believed. A logo design might catch the attention of a person or target audience, but it is the quality of the brand that makes them a customer. If a person is not satisfied with the quality the brand offers, he or she might prefer another competitor brand over yours. It is okay to have a nice logo for grabbing the attention of the audience, but quality should be maintained as well to keep the crowd rolling in.

Myth #2: Logo Design Should Be Designed for Eternity

It is assumed by many businesses that a logo design must be created in such a way that it won’t require any alterations ever. What should be formed in the first place, must be kept the same way, and no other work is needed.


This misconception of the brains has to be wiped out as having a logo design stays the same way and attract people till the end of the time, cannot be possible. If we look back, it will be easy to spot that from time to time every logo design has gone through some changes. Even the big and famous companies like Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Microsoft, Walmart, Siemens, and many other renowned industries had their logo improved with the passage of time, according to the on-going trend and requirements.

Myth #3: No Need to Hire a Logo Designer for Designing a Logo

People have this impression that designing a logo is a very easy job so it can be done by anyone and there is no need to hire any professional logo designer Dubai or from anywhere to get the logo created.


The reality is apparently very much different, as it is needed to hire a professional person or expert logo designer to create what is needed rather than create anything randomly. As a professional logo designer has the right knowledge about the layouts, color scheming, choosing the right typography, and selecting the best logo designing tool, in order to create a stunning logo design.

Myth #4: Using a Clipart Would Be Fine for Designing a Logo

Another perception people have is that the use of clipart is totally appropriate for designing a logo, in fact, they have the impression that using the clipart is the easiest and quickest way possible to create a good logo design in no time.


The use of the clipart in making a logo is considered highly inappropriate. Props and vectors can be used in the learning phase of the logo designing, but a professional designer always creates the logo from scratch rather than designing a logo using the clipart images.

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