The mobile gaming market is booming as more and more people are purchasing smartphones. These phones have the ability to perform all the needed tasks and along with that, it provides much-needed entertainment. A genre of gaming that has become popular since the last year is Battle Royale. Both PUBG and Garena Free Fire falls under this genre of gaming. The main goal of the games is to survive by competing against other players and survive till the last. The whole world, especially the developing countries have adopted these games quite well. So, let us see some of the key differences between these games.

About Garena Free Fire:

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game which was launched in late 2017 only for the mobile users and it still maintains that. The game has been made by Garena International and it was first launched in South East Asia. In the gameplay of the game, a player needs to compete with 49 other players in a time frame of 10 minutes and stay in the safe zone. They need to search for weapons within the game to beat their competitors. There are in-app purchases present in the game through which players can increase the skill of their characters.  The great thing is you can download garena free fire fire for PC, Android, and iOS for free.

About PUBG:

PUBG is another Battle Royale game released by Tencent Games for mobile. But it is available on several other gaming platforms. In PUBG a player needs to compete with 99 other players and there isn’t any constrained time frame of play. There are different modes like Solo, Duo, and Squad through which the games are made more interesting. This game also has in-app purchases through which players can buy skins for their weapons and also accessories for themselves.

The key differences:

There is always a battle on the topic of choosing the best among Free Fire and PUBG. We think that both games hold their own positions and have their merits. Both of them have amazing graphics but the difference lies in the fact that Free Fire is a lightweight app whereas PUBG is a heavy one. On top of that players can play Free Fire on low-end phones but this isn’t possible for playing PUBG.

Another difference that lies in the games is that in Free Fire there are distinct characters with backstories which isn’t available in PUBG. Also, in PUBG has 100 players in a single battle whereas it is 50 in case of Free Fire. The battle finishes within 10 minutes in case of Free Fire but that isn’t the case for PUBG. PUBG currently has more maps than Free Fire. In-app purchases are also available in both the games.

But in the end, both games are quite good and they have fans from around the world. PUBG is very popular in India whereas Free Fire is more popular in Brazil. So, the lovers of mobile gaming will always play the games irrespective of the conflicting views that others may have relating to the gameplay of these games.


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