The digital landscape of today is much different from even a decade ago. Businesses like Domino’s Pizza are seeing almost a third of their revenues from online sales. This is because the internet has become more accessible to a diverse audience. Especially over the past few years. You can see this from HughesNet internet service covering rural areas. From providers laying down fiber networks in urban/suburban areas. From cheaper data plans. As the internet becomes even more accessible, the digital consumer market will keep growing. But with so many businesses competing with you for visibility in the same market, success won’t come easy.

Hacks To Rank Your Website

Most of us have heard of SEO. But for those who are new to this game, let’s go over the brief basics. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO are techniques used to help get your website a higher search engine rankings. Relevancy is the name of the game in rankings. SEO is manipulating the search engine’s algorithm. You need to convince it that your content is the most relevant search result. The more relevant your content is, the higher you will rank. Good SEO means you will get more organic traffic in the long run. But what if you already know this but you’re still not getting the results you need? Here are four simple hacks to help you get results without spending tons of money:
1. Analyze the competition
2. Improve social media activity
3. Optimize your web pages
4. Focus on good backlinks
Read on for more details on each hack.

Analyze the Competition

So you’re spending money on SEO efforts but your competition is still ahead. How do you close the distance? One way to make sure your SEO efforts have the right directed is to analyze what your competition is doing. After all, it seems like they’re doing something right that you’re not, right? If you could figure out what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and what they’re spending on it you gain an edge. This saves you time and resources spent on creating your own SEO strategy from scratch. All you need to do is adopt the elements that contribute to your competitions SEO success. There are many free and paid SEO tools that can help you take a peek at what the competition is up to. Focus on elements like:

  • Keywords and placement
  • The average length of content and blogs
  • How many images are on a specific page

You can get even more detailed information with tools like Moz Open Site Explorer. A simple competition analysis can give you important insights into your own strategies.

Improve Social Media Activity

Social media and SEO? Sounds counterintuitive, right? Wrong! What’s one mistake a lot of businesses make? Not recognizing the importance of social media activity to rankings. Yes, social media is usually only a platform. Yes, SEO happens over the entire web. But you’re mistaken if you think there is no relation of social media to your SEO efforts. Search engine algorithms make use of as much information as they can get to rank your website. This information will determine how the algorithm sees the quality of your website. You’d be very surprised to know that social media is one of the factors taken into consideration. This means you should be focusing on:

  • Social media activity
  • Updated social accounts
  • Increasing content shares on social media

Keep in mind the purpose of the social media platform you’re on. Product based activity works well on Instagram. Social media content sharing happens most on Facebook. YouTube is best for educating your audience. Make sure your social media efforts are targeting the right people on the right platform.

Optimize Your Web pages

Optimizing your website’s on-page elements can help give your rankings a boost. Common on-page elements for consideration are:

  • Keywords
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Content length
  • Internal links

All these elements are significant to your website’s search engine rankings. In fact, if these elements aren’t already optimized, you need to get in touch with your SEO people. You are at a serious disadvantage and your other SEO efforts will not be as effective until you focus on this.

Focus On Good Backlinks

Backlinks are links on other websites that direct visitors on that site to yours. Backlinks tend to be one of the core focus points of your SEO strategy. The more backlinks you have the better your rankings. Especially if those backlinks are from high domain-ranking websites. One good way to do generate backlinks is to create infographics. Research your niche and common topics that your target audience would appreciate. Usually, infographics use data or trends, so make sure you have solid information. Use free tools like Venngage to create infographics. Then reach out to other bloggers to share them. This should start generating backlinks for you to rank higher.

The internet is expanding its footprint every day. Even low-population density areas gain access to the internet. This is possible with alternatives like HughesNet satellite internet. Data plans are getting cheaper and easier to buy. So you should position yourself to target this growing digital audience.


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