Skincare Regime for newlywed

Post Wedding Days- A Beautiful Mix of Welcoming and Romantic Moments

Indian weddings is always a grand celebration and these ceremonial celebrations continue for many days after a wedding. Post wedding days are full of great meet and greet parties which are organized to welcome the newlywed couple in the family. Invitations flow from the families and friends of both bride side and groom side for the welcoming the newly married couple. Late night dinner parties, traveling, hectic schedules, and oily and spicy food really affect negatively on the skin. Parties, travelling,and fatigue are unavoidable but regular skin care regime can really help in restoring the health of the skin.

Skin Care Regime of Newlywed

Skin care regime is really necessary for all the girls to maintain the glam and glow of skin but really important for the newlyweds since their beauty is noticed more.

  1. Cleansing of the face at night – Never sleep with the makeup on your skin. Make up will not allow the skin to get repaired in auto mode. Makeup will clog the pores and will become an obstacle for the intake of oxygen. Nocleansing will result in accumulating the pollution, dirt, and oil on the skin and will result in dull and dark complexion.
  2. Night Serum for Skin Repair –A newlywed should not miss the applying of night serum. The night is the best time for the skin to restore health. It stimulates the cell growth and brings the glow back to our face. Regular application of night serum works like repair mechanism that fights the aging and leaves us with the glowing healthy skin. Moisturizing is required for the lips also. Apply herbal balm or milk cream on lips before going to bed.


  1. Moisturizing with required SPF – Regular application of moisturizer will keep the skin smooth and supple. Direct exposure to the sun can result in tanned complexion so never leave the home without applying the sun shield with required SPF. Sun can take away the glow and shine of your skin and application of sunscreen is equally important in winter and summers both.


  1. Regular Facials – Marriage is the best excuse for pampering the skin. A regular sitting of facials with the best beauty service provider in the city will be the most rejuvenating experience. Massage by beauticians will stimulate blood circulation and make you feel relaxed. , scrubbing and mask application will restore the health of your skin.
  2. Eat health food – Healthy food is not only required for the healthy body, but the health of hair and skin also depends upon the food we take. Newlywed should drink more water and natural drinks like coconut water, fresh fruit and vegetable juice etc in place of cold drinks. You cannot avoid the oily and spicy food in the parties, so eat less of everything and try to increase the portion of sprouts salads in your plate.
  3. Hair Oiling and hair mask – Hair styling tools and hair spray impacts on the health of hair and both of these are unavoidable for every bride during wedding and post wedding ceremonies. Hair is the most highlighting accessory for every girl. Health and shiny hair can add luring grace to the appearance of newlywed. Apply oil on the hair with a good massage at least twice a week and sooth the hair with hair mask at least once a week. Hair spas are after the wedding is really recommended for every bride to get hair repaired.

Words of Advice

A wedding is the most cherishing moment of life and similarly,post-wedding days are full of parties, get-togethers, romantic long drives, and candle light dinners. Taking care of skin is really important and worthy to spread the glitter of your glam and glow to captivate the gaze. So investing sometime and amount on the skin is really worth.



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