Your best friend has just said yes to the man that she wanted to marry, you are very happy and excited for them getting together in the perfect bond. It is an emotional time and it is very important that now you decide what you will gift her on her wedding. It is so hard trying to find birthday wishes for best friend, just imagine how hard it will be to try and figure out what the perfect wedding gift will be for her. You cannot give her anything that a friend would, the gift that you give your best friend shall be something that only you could have given her.

Here is a solution to the problem that you are facing, this article will make sure that you get a lot of ideas from which you can choose which gift will suit your best friend better. All of the ideas that are in this article are thoughtful and require you to have a lot of memories with your best friend, that you will have since you have been together since forever.

Prepare a wedding speech

One cannot measure everything in the world in terms of money. Words have the power to make people emotional. In the speech that you prepare for them, express your love, your bonding, and every memorable event that you will miss when they get married. That is the time when you let them know that nothing between both of you will ever change and that you will be there for them at all times for that matter.

Plan a honeymoon surprise

You are the best friend of the person getting married, you are well aware of their likes and dislikes, and so you are the only one who can plan a short trip for him and his fiancé to go to a nearby destination and have fun. You can have a proper date set up for them there, that will make them feel very special as well. You can get the groom involved in the surprise, and take her to someplace that she always wanted to go to. This way she will love you even more and cherish the memories that she makes with her husband at the place that you thought of for that matter.

Gift vouchers

Getting them to gift vouchers is another great option, you can get them these vouchers of the brands that you are aware that they like. For example, you can give them vouchers from IKEA, Amazon, and many others so that they can get a variety of commodities for their new house. It will be your gift, but with their choice, that is the best kind of a gift.

A DIY scrapbook

If you are looking for ideas to get your best friend something that will remain close to her heart always, you can go ahead and make a DIY scrapbook. All the pictures, memories, the farewell dinner you both went to, the sports day, and many more events that will make her smile with tears when she goes through the book anytime in her life for that matter.

A customized makeup bouquet

As the wedding comes near, your best friend will need a makeup set that has all the eye shadows, the lipsticks, foundations, mascara, and the creams that she will need to create the look that she desires. You are her best friend, and so you will know all the brands that she likes, you can make the best bouquet of all the makeup that she likes and give that to her as her wedding gift. She will love the thought that you have put along with all the effort that you will have to do to get it to work.

Plan a girls’ night

You can plan for a night when you and your best friend can have the last sleepover together. You can get her a sleepsuit; you can talk about the old times, watch movies and enjoy remembering the old times when you both were together in school and college. She will appreciate spending time with you and love you for making such a sweet effort for her.


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