Tips to Save Money on Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Birthdays are always an extraordinary occasion for kids. They want to have all the fun on this favorite day. Fun, food and frolic, little ones don’t want anything in short supply. As a parent, it’s your job is to let them have a perfect birthday celebration. As only this can keep them joyous. However, organizing a kid’s birthday party is taking that one can actually think. And it can get more taxing if you want to save some money as well along the way. Well, don’t fret much and just a bit of planning can help ensure great fun and the saving.

Here are some tips for saving money on your kid’s birthday party –

1- Prune the guest list

Some parents want their kids to have a separate celebration at school. This helps them avoid hosting a big party at home. And if this could not be possible, there is always a guest list waiting to be pruned. To save money, you could invite a few friends only, or call over a few close pals, or those who live in the same community. You can then throw a mini or small party and let little ones enjoy over foods. With only a few guests to cater, you can take them to a movie or pizza as well.

  1. Design your own birthday invitations

It will be super fun to design your own birthday invitations and save money for the party. No need to get printed invites when you can showcase your creative side easily. You can engage the kids, and together you can make personalized invitations to spare some money. Plus, the kids will get a chance to express their creative side and what else you need more. You can search the net and find some great ideas for designing your own invitations for the party. This gesture of yours may even surprise the guests.

  1. Make your own decorations

No need to buy stuff from the store for decoration purposes when you can make them quickly at home. You can use kids’ art for decoration and beautify the space perfectly. You can inspire your kid to give interesting shapes to paper. With some glitter, glue, and drawings, you can come with pleasing decorations and save money as well. You can make colorful flowers out of paper, can create lovely DIY paper starbursts. Such decorations can add visual magic to the party and with your kids chipping in with their creative ideas, you can hope to realize all the goals you’re setting out for.

  1. Select a fun DIY party theme

It’s always great to engage your kid in the selection of a party idea or theme and then do it for cheap at home. You can choose the theme and let kids have a blast with fun games or plan some outdoor party games. A lot of parents do set-up crafts for the party and choose a favorite theme. A DIY idea can be useful for both home or the park. With proper planning, you can host the party in a little budget and save right. So, feel relaxed and let the ideas of your kid take over for the party theme.

  1. Be creative with food

Pizza is favorite with everybody. But choices are more which you can unleash on the guests even without having to spend a lot. You can take the fun quotient notches up by setting up a cookie decoration station. Plus, you can always add healthy snacks to the mix and let kids make merry over food choices. You can have sandwiches, cold drinks, and mineral water as well to add to the food list and give more options to guests. It’s good to stick with healthy snacks so that kids too can eat without any concern.

  1. Organize fun contests

You needn’t have the expertise of an event agency to organize fun contests for kid’s birthday parties. Some music and dance contest can do well to serve the purpose. You can also play the favorite kid’s movie in the backyard or set up some jumping game. Kids love hunt game a lot, and yes, there is always a musical chair to fall back upon if nothing else keeps kids hooked for longer.



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