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This app provides simple steps to convert your YouTube music or videos to MP3. This converter app gives good features for the conversion. If you wish to convert any YouTube video into MP3 all you require is the YouTube link of that video and you are on. You need to paste the link in the provided box and press the convert button to turn the YouTube video into MP3. The best part is you can save it to your device.

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2.Video to MP3 converter

Taking help of this converter app you can easily convert the YouTube videos into the audio files. The best part of it to use is that you can convert the YouTube video into multiple audio formats of your choice that includes MP3. The capabilities of this app are many. For instance, you can extract audio from the video files from many different sites that are on the internet. Users have paste or also may enter the link of the video in the provided box and you can also choose the audio quality and press the create MP3 file button to start the process.
3.Video to MP3 Downloader
You can easily convert all your favourite YouTube videos into the MP3 format with the help of this android app. The best thing is that it can produce the high definition and best quality audio files. It also allows the user to change the setting of the output format according to their requirement. The only thing you need to do is enter the link of the video that provided in the box. Then pressing the download button will immediately start the process to convert the video automatically into MP3. The time of conversion depends on the volume and length of the video.

4.Peggo APK

This app requires you to install the APK files to the Android device. Once the installation is completed, the users have the chance to convert the YouTube videos into MP3 files. Simply browse the video that you wish to convert into an audio file and start the conversion process. The time is taken for the completion of the conversion always depends upon the size and volume of the video. This app is furthermore capable of converting the HD movies into MP3.


The YouTube MP3 and YouTube MP4 downloaders are capable of downloading the videos and converting them into MP3 files. The process of downloading requires 3 simple procedures. First, the users will search on YouTube, for their favourite video to convert then secondly the user has to download it into the MP3 or MP4 format files. This app creates the folder in the “download” section where all of the videos will be stored for you.

6.Droid YouTube downloader

The Droid YouTube downloader is also a part of video converter application family. It gives the complete control to the user to convert the YouTube videos into MP3 files. This android application converts the YouTube video into the desired output of MP3 for the user with multiple setting options. This application has a newly added feature which specifies its ability to download videos from Dailymotion. So it gives the opportunity for those who want to download the videos from other sources than YouTube to convert them into MP3 videos.
The thing is that in order to download this application you need to create a separate quora account. Once the installation is finished the app is ready for you to convert the YouTube videos into MP3. You can search the movies from the videos search tabs. You will see the results in the different tabs which gives you the access to download the videos and use different options to convert the video to MP3 format.

7.YouTube MP3

It is a free YouTube converter that converts a YouTube video to an MP3 file. This youtube converter is very efficient and easy to use. you just have to paste the URL of the video you want to convert into an MP3 format in the “paste video URL link here-download” box. It gives you the option to download the videos in different formats. The user can download the video according to his decisions.


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