When you are designing the interior of your kitchen, you are surely thinking of all the probable options that you can embrace for your kitchen. Now, when you are zeroing on some designs for the space, you are obviously thinking of choosing something versatile along with going by the trends that are creating quite a storm in the market this season. When you are in such a situation, you will need professional guidance to know which trend is going to stay and make it big and which isn’t.

So, if you are going through any interior designing magazines or doing your research on the internet about the current trends, you surely know about two tones kitchen design. It is essentially the amalgamation of two different, often contrasting colors that will create a stunning engaging look for the space. This is a trend which is pretty much practical and quite appealing. Undoubtedly you can incorporate it in your scheme. How? Take a look at the following points to get inspired.

Built-In Furniture Look

You can think of going for the built-in furniture look for the kitchen that can create not only a functional vibe but also give your kitchen design a certain depth and character. So, if you are planning for this, then here is the deal. You can actually go for three tones. Use the lighter shade on the general cabinets while you can use somewhat deeper shades for the built-in ones. It will not only highlight the special characteristic of the cabinet but will also make sure that your kitchen gets an interesting touch of style and contrast.

Statement Kitchen Island

Another very popular way to add two tones in kitchen décor is the introduction of a kitchen island in the design. Currently, the kitchen island is a quite popular fixture in kitchen décor. So, if your kitchen is spacious enough, you can easily incorporate a kitchen island that will add functionality and glamour in your kitchen. And when you are trying to fit a kitchen island in your space, go for a contrasting shade that will be completely opposite of the cabinets. For example, if you are going for white discount kitchen cabinet, you can easily opt for a much contemporary darker shade for the island that will create a stunning look for the kitchen.

Boosting the Base Cabinets

Now, if the layout of your kitchen is traditional and you are thinking of making sure that the appeal remains that, then boosting the base cabinet in order to add the two-tone in your kitchen can be a good idea. How? Well, if you divide your kitchen into two parts, lower and upper, the upper part will consist of the wall, the ceiling, and the wall cabinets. Go for a unified look for the upper half of the cabinets so that you can think of something else for the lower part. Now, boost the look of the base cabinets so that it can offer you the desired contrast for the kitchen.

Grain, Texture, and Paint

Want to create a perfect juxtaposition of tradition and natural warmth? In that case, go for the neutral shades for the paint and create the contrast with a natural hue like cherry kitchen cabinets. The wood grain and texture will make the kitchen look warm and welcoming while the contrast will add up to the style quotient of the space. Cherry is a wood that ages well with age and becomes even darker and grainier. Hence, your kitchen will be able to retain the glamour for a long time with this style.

So, now as you know about these ways to create a two-toned kitchen, what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearby store for the cabinets and splurge.


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